entail – pociągać za sobą

entail – pociągać za sobą

verb /enˈtāl/
entailed, past participle; entailed, past tense; entailing, present participle; entails, 3rd person singular present

Involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence
– a situation that entails considerable risks

Have as a logically necessary consequence

Settle the inheritance of (property) over a number of generations so that ownership remains within a particular group, usually one family
– her father’s estate was entailed on a cousin

Cause to experience or possess in a way perceived as permanent or inescapable
– I cannot get rid of the disgrace that you have entailed upon us

noun /ˈenˌtāl/
entails, plural

A settlement of the inheritance of property over a number of generations so that it remains within a family or other group

A property that is bequeathed under such conditions



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